To ensure the best possible protection, when purchasing a new storage tank, we recommend checking the condition of the anode after one year and replacing it after two years at the latest. After that, the anode replacement can be adjusted depending on the condition of the protective anode. Furthermore, it is essential to follow the manufacturer's maintenance instructions.

How to change a sacrificial anode?

The enamel quality of the accumulators and the size of the sacrificial anode are specified in DIN 4753 and adjusted in such a way that a minimum service life of the anode of 2 years is achieved.

According to DIN EN 806 ff an annual inspection of the anode has to be carried out. Depending on the water quality and the condition of the storage tank, the wear of the protective anode varies considerably.

Corrosion phenomena cannot be reversed and corresponding local damage cannot be reversed by later use of a cathodic corrosion protection system. Therefore, the magnesium anode must be checked annually during each maintenance and replaced with a new magnesium anode if necessary.