Wie verhindert man Flugrost in der Spülmaschine ?

Is your cutlery infested with many small reddish spots after going through the dishwasher? Then it's probably rust film! All the important information on how to prevent rust film in your dishwasher as well as means of combating it can be found here. 

What is rust film or flash rust? 

Small iron particles that settle on objects and appear here as rust are usually referred to as flash rust or rust film. However, the particles are not really rusted yet. This layer of rust film can usually be washed off or rubbed off easily. Sometimes thin layers of actual rust are referred to as flash rust as well. This layer must be treated with certain agents and processes. However, this article will not deal with that definition of flash rust.

What causes rust film?

It can happen, that fine iron dusts rust in the air. This rust dust then settles as a thin layer on other objects. Flash rust occurs primarily when these items are exposed to damp conditions. Oxygen, metal and moisture react with each other causing flash rust. 

What causes rust in the dishwasher? 

If an item that is not dishwasher-safe is also washed in the dishwasher, said iron particles become detached, rust in the air and settle in the dishwasher. From there, they spread to other objects, such as cutlery. Sharp knives, screws on pots or, as in the example below, damage to the plastic covering of the crockery or cutlery basket can be responsible. 

Flugrost Spülmaschine

How to prevent rust film in the dishwasher: 

It is important that you recognize which object caused the rust film. Once you have found the culprit, you should keep it away from the dishwasher and wash it by hand in the future. In general, it is advisable to always empty the dishwasher promptly and to dry any items that are still damp. After all, humid climate favors rust film. But what if the rust particles have already settled in the dishwasher? We have the perfect solution for you:

The solution - sacrificial anodes for your dishwasher !

Perhaps you already know sacrificial anodes from your storage tank. As an innovation against rust film we now also produce sacrificial anodes with a special magnesium annoy. It is important to us to avoid aluminium to 99,9%. Our latest product is therefore perfectly suited for your dishwasher. Sacrificial anodes protect storage tanks or dishwashers from corrosion. Our specially manufactured "anti-rust-anodes" protect your dishwasher and, above all, your cutlery. In order to understand the functional principle behind it, please read our blog about sacrificial anodes in storage tanks, in which we have explained everything in more detail.

Advantages of magnesium against aluminium: 

Surely you already heard or read about the 'trick' of putting a ball of aluminium foil inside of the dishwasher to prevent flash rust. There are also aluminium anodes. However, we work with pure magnesium. This has the following advantages: 

  • Compared to aluminium, magnesium is the baser metal and therefore offers better protection against corrosion. 
  • Magnesium anodes are used in almost every storage tank and therefore has proven itself over decades in the field of corrosion protection.  
  • From a medical perspective it is still very controversial to what extent aluminium is harmful to us humans. Are you taking an unnecessary risk?
  • Anyone who thinks about aluminium in hygiene articles should also think about what aluminium does in our waste water. 


With the magnesium anti rust film anode we have found the perfect alternative to aluminium anodes. It is not only inexpensive but is also normally used in storage tanks. Just try it, you will be amazed by the results! 

Order now - anti rust film anode!

Anti Flugrost Anode