Under sink stainless steel drinking water complete set

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Under sink drinking water filter complete set made of stainless steel

Our under sink drinking water filter, made of stainless steel is filled with activated carbon and brings clean drinking water to your home.

Water is probably the most important 'food' for us humans: Apart from keeping us alive, it strengthens the immune system, cools and cleanses our body and dissolves and transports nutrients the the cell.

So you should not save on water: Neither in the amount that you drink every day, nor in the quality of the drinking water.

How useful is a drinking water filter?

Our activated carbon filter based on coconut shells cleans your water with up to 99 percent certainty of (among others):

  • Microplastics 
  • Drug residues
  • Bad tastes & smells
  • Chlorine, nitrates, pesticides
  • Organic chemicals

Plastic-free and sustainable:

Our drinking water filter is filled with activated carbon based on coconut shells. So with a regenerative, environmentally friendly raw material. In addition, unlike other manufacturers, we do not use any type of plastic in the manufacture of our drinking water filters. The water filter housing is made of high-quality, easy-care stainless steel.

Additional advantages:

  • The water can taste better
  • Can filter up to 500l of water
  • Simple installation, assembly instructions
  • Used under the sink
  • Sustainable, Avoidance of plastic waste - plastic free

How often do I have to change a drinking water filter?

The filter should be changed after 6 months at the latest. It can filter up to 500 liters of water. If a loss of water is detected, a filter change definitely necessary, even before the 6 months end. Faster wear of the filter indicates a higher occurrence of fine particles in the unfiltered water.

  • Nominal filter unit : 10-20 Mikron
  • Temperature rage: 0-38°C
  • Material: granulierte Aktivkohle mit einer Oberfläche von 1000m2/g
  • Flow rate: 5": 3,8 1/min
  • Durability: 5" = 3-6 Monate/5000L
  • Measurements: 2 3/4" x 10

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