There are multiple ways to check the condition of a sacrificial anode.

1. Measurement of the protective current 

For this way an insulated magnesium anode has to be installed. The storage tank has to be filled with water for the measurement of the protective current. Please ensure a faultless contact between the protective terminals. They may only be connected to metallic bare surfaces. After that, the connection cable, which connects anode and storage tank, has to get attached to one of the connection points. You are now able to determine the protective current by using a measuring device. Don't forget to reconnect the ground cable to the storage tank after measuring. Otherwise the magnesium anode will not work

2. Visual inspection

The visual inspection is without a doubt the most complex way of checking the condition of a magnesium anode. To do this,  the sacrificial anode has to be removed from the storage tank. If you are unsure whether the anode is still usable, please read here more about the service life of anodes. Feel free to send us a picture of your anode as well. 

3. Signal anode

Using a signal anode is probably the easiest way to find out if the anode hast to be replaced.Once the signal transmitter turns red, it's time to get a new anode. If your storage tank is not listed in our database of thousands of storage tanks, don't hesitate to contact us. In most cases we are able to manufacture a suitable signal anode for your storage tank.

Conclusion on how to check an anode 

No matter which anode you chose, they all protect your storage tank from corrosion. You can prevent yourself from spending unnecessary money for a new storage tank by checking the anode regularly.

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