There are There are several ways to determine when a sacrificial anode has been used up.

1. visual inspection

During a visual inspection, the sacrificial anode is removed according to the manufacturer's instructions. If the diameter of the sacrificial anode is worn down to 15-10 mm, we recommend replacing the protective anode. Furthermore, an anode should be exchanged which is clogged with very heavy deposits and thus can only deliver little protective current.

2. current measurement

In contrast to a visual inspection, a protective anode with insulated installation (earth cable) does not require the system to be shut down or the sacrificial anode to be removed. You can measure the protective current still present with the aid of an anode tester or resistance meter.

  • Current measurement > 0.3 mA - Anode is functional
  • Current measurement < 0.3 mA - Remove the anode and continue with the visual inspection.

Note : Please refer to the operating instructions of your test instrument.

Furthermore, a protective current measurement is only possible if the accumulator is filled with water.

3. signal anode

The easiest way to determine the consumption of a sacrificial anode is to use the signal anode. The red colouring of the signal transmitter shows you exactly when the anode is used up.