Sacrificial anode suitable for SIEMENS 00475112

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Magnesium anode 

Suitable for the following spare part of 

  • Siemens 00475112
Suitable for the following storage tanks: 

  • Bosch RDG6513TR/02
  • Bosch RDG8013TR/01
  • Bosch RDG8013TR/02
  • Bosch RDG6513TR/01
  • Profilo TRM5650/01
  • Profilo TRM5650/02
  • Profilo TRM5800/01
  • Siemens 65013TR/01
  • Siemens 65013TR/02
  • Siemens DG10011R2/01
  • Siemens DG10011D2/02
  • Siemens DG10011E2/01
  • Siemens DG10011D2/01
  • Siemens DG10011R2/02
  • Siemens DG10011E2/02
  • Siemens DG80011E2/02
  • Siemens DG80011E2/02
  • Siemens DG80011R2/01
  • Siemens DG80011R2/02
  • Siemens DG80011D2/02
  • Siemens DG80011E2/01
  • Siemens DG80011D2/01
  • Siemens DG80013TR/02
  • Siemens DG80013TR/01

Note: This anode is identical in construction to the original. 

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David A.

Opferanode passend für SIEMENS 00475112

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